Old Why we exist

Ancient Yoga Journey was born at a time of nearly insurmountable adversity. The global pandemic not only challenged our ways of connecting with others, but also our very ability to exist on this planet.  As if a health and economic crisis weren’t enough, a human rights crisis soon emerged. We believe that things had to get worse first—in order to get better. To appreciate happiness we must also experience suffering.  Adversity is the soul of creativity and a path to a better life, even a better world.

So what did we do?  We found ways to be with the ones we love.  We formed communities leveraging technology which brought us together with people beyond our physical reach.  We didn’t let walls hold us back.  We climbed over them in a way that enabled us to see the universe beyond our limits, whether real or in our heads.  We also looked inward for understanding, a sense of calm and meaning to everything going on around us.  During this time we saw more clearly that the world needs love to heal. Everyone in the word deserves to be loved.

The events during this period created the space for us to see what really matters, which is our physical, mental and spiritual well being.  We became more conscious of those around us, and in some ways the world became smaller because of the common challenges we faced.   We became aware that if everyone begins to love themselves then the whole world would be loved. This is something each of us have control over when sometimes nothing in our lives feels controllable.  

Our vision is to go beyond the four walls of a yoga studio and connect people around the globe in building a community to heal the world with physical, mental and spiritual well being.  Our community is flat. There is no hierarchy in our practice or how we interact. There is no hierarchy like what we deal with in our standard world, whether it be politics, religion, business or anything else.  We practice and love equally.  We are for Yogis by Yogis.

While we were born during this time we weren’t born for this time.  We exist for the future. One that is brighter, healthier, and more loving.  This is why we are here.  

We love you,

Ancient Yoga Journey Team